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Roam Inn
currating the past while building towards the future

Deployed Capital

Travel destinations are regional anomalies which rely heavily on convincing tourists to exchange their hard earned cash for an experience of equal or greater value.

At Deployed Capital, we create opportunities within those challenging markets by building comprehensive experiences from existing local assets that will benefit visitors and locals alike.

We do this by retaining and showcasing local asset-history. This vision guides our team, as we build “what’s next” from elements of our past, knowing inevitably, it will one day be cared for by others in the future.

This process of curating heritage, supporting community, and highlighting our area, is a true partnership between passion + vision.

But to us, it’s not work, but rather, an absolute honor.

A Battle tested process

Success is more than just a great idea

I went from saying, “don’t fire the Idea Guy” at 21, to the “what is our Why, guy” at 43. I’ll always love the idea guy. I remember in my AFSOC days, being told a story about ‘walking down the hill.’ For ideas to be truly successful, they need a solid ‘why’ and a full team that supports the purpose. A purpose aligned with a brand, completely understood by its team, and perfectly executed.

I’ve found unique guidance in my team and have grown to study their feedback and actions constantly. This is a humbling ride. I’ve learned to appreciate the optics of my lending partners, community leaders, and most importantly, my family. I’ve learned through loss that time remains undefeated, and I’ve watched the days drag on as the years fly by. Along my own unique path I’ve saved a few key quotes to memory;

  • “Happiness is where we find it, but rarely where we seek it.”
  • “I thought about quitting, until I saw who was watching.”
  • “Kindness is loaning someone your strength instead of reminding them of their weakness.”

At Deployed Capital, we don’t focus on competition. We focus on our unique ‘why.’

When others are looking for the next great idea to make money, we’re focused on how our WHY supports our target market, solves a problem, and rewards our team with a true sense of value and purpose. It’s never just about money.

Understanding the foundation of acquiring strategic ‘problem solving’ community assets has afforded us a unique opportunity to cultivate experiences for locals and traveling guests. Doing this repeatedly has afforded our team the ability to focus on sustainability, and the hope that future stewards of our brands one day feel the same sense of pride we do today.

-Thomas John Dolaskie IV, Founding Partner

The Meaning of Value

Value has a value only if its value is valued

Many times, we place value on the wrong things — personally and professionally. In our eco-tourism bubble, our guests are always looking to us to provide a wholesome experience, but we can only deliver it after we truly understand how and what they perceive as value. At Deployed Capital, everything we do is rooted in that mission.

We do this by listening to feedback, identifying areas of improvement, and then leveraging the right team & strategy to create a space worthy of that experience within our hospitality tier.

By doing so, we not only provide those seeking adventure & experience UP North with the true value they anticipate, but it also maximizes our own team’s potential and, in parallel, helps us reach our goals. 

Creating purpose and maximizing value has always been our focus; it’s an equally satisfying experience when it translates into sustainability, team morale, and guest satisfaction. 

“Always question yourself if what you are doing creates value!”

-Darrin Hubbard, Founding Partner

When passion and vision come together

Our Investments

Our assets cover various industries, from hospitality to adventure brands. We pride ourselves on being an owner / operator developer dedicated to full season operation.

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