1201 W State Highway M28, Munising, MI 49862

Hillside Party Store – West

Featuring the Area's Largest Beer Cave!

Hillside Party Store – West

How do you proceed, when locally owned businesses are slowly being pushed out by corporate brands backed with corporate dollars? Well, you can buckle and fold, or you can control the narrative.

Hillside Party Store was falling behind in competing with those million dollar brands, but instead of closing their doors, they decided to double down on what makes them relevant and unique.

Hillside Party Store was purchased by Deployed Capital in 2013, and together, devised a plan to promote those variables. They built upon the easy-on easy-off access, by becoming the go-to place to obtain all the necessary products, and information, their target market needs.

Over the years, visitors have stopped here to access the large format map, load up on local quality products, and recently, charge their electric cars.

By supplying the area with what they need, exactly when they need it, Hillside has not only stayed in business, but standout amongst the corporate competition.

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