815 W Munising Ave, Munising, MI 49862

Roam Inn

Adventure Awaits!

Roam Inn

Originally, a lumber baron’s residence in the 19th century; Roam Inn is a prime example of vision in action, and a direct result of looking towards the future while curating the past.

We purchased the property with grand ideas and a multi year master plan. 

First, on carving out 18 boutique hotel rooms that cater to the adventure-based client. We made special efforts to feature current technologies while rediscovering, and highlighting, the structures originality.

Secondly, we added Tracey’s Restaurant, in honor of our friend Stephen Tracey, a true lover of quality food. The restaurant offers unique Upper Peninsula style plates, craft cocktails, and local brews.

Whether, you’re stopping in for an evening, a meal, or just an adult beverage, Roam Inn will remind you why future building is so important to us.

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